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Are there any alternatives to foreclosure?

Yes. You may qualify for a number of alternatives to the foreclosure process, including special forbearance, in which your lender may be able to arrange a repayment plan based on your financial standpoint, and may even allow for a temporary reduction or suspension of your payments.

Foreclosure is the legal means that allows the lender to repossess your home. When this happens, you must move out of your house.

What is foreclosure?

Can I live / stay in my home when in foreclosure?

Yes, during the foreclosure proceeding YOU are still the legal OWNER of your home and as such, have every right to remain in your home. It is the actual public judicial sale of the house at the end of the foreclosure process and in connection with the issuance of the “certificate of title” that changes the ownership of the property.

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Our lawyers know what it takes to win your case, and will give it the personalized approach it deserves. We know the laws, we know the banking and mortgage industry, and we know how their lawyers work.

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100% of homes can be saved from foreclosure. 

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Together we strategically determine when to accept a fair settlement value of your property and work to reach an outcome most beneficial to you. Remember you are part of the team that will decide the best course of action for your case.